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What is a Zumba® Party?

FAQ: Q. What is the difference between Zumba class and Zumba party?

A. Zumba classes occur regularly (eg, every week) and is typically facilitated by one instructor. It usually lasts 45 min to 1 hour.  Participants commit to attending those classes on a regular basis for the purpose of having fun and increasing fitness level. Zumba Parties are major events lasting 2 hours or more. Parties may contain other form of entertainment such as dance shows by professional dancers, shows by singers, guitar players – just to name a few. Parties are facilitated by several other instructors. This party will have approximately 8 instructors (to be announced). They will bring participants from their regular classes – and next thing you know…you’ve got a studio full of people who are addicted to fun that Zumba brings. Each instructor will perform several of their favorite songs.


Q. What do I do when I come to party?

A. Just like in regular Zumba class: you follow the instructors and dance! If you get tired (yes, two hours can be a bit challenging to sustain dancing in full energy), you tone your movements down, or even step aside a bit until you decide to continue again.


Q. What do I wear or bring?

A. Wear clothes that is suitable for workout. Yoga pants, track pants, t-shirt or whatever you feel most comfortable with. Bring water as it is important to keep hydrated. We will also provide bottled water on site. You can bring snack – eg. protein bar or anything that you like. Fresh fruits will be available as well free of charge.

Q. I’ve never danced before nor that I have experience with Zumba. I feel very uncoordinated and not fit. Is Zumba Party for me?

A. Yes, it is actually the best way to get introduced to Zumba. Many of our participants are new to Zumba. You don’t need dance experience as Zumba program is made to be easy to follow. It is not depended on actual steps but rather to keep you moving. Even if you don’t follow all steps the way instructor is showing, you can just move: follow direction of movement, arm work etc. In addition, our supportive atmosphere makes everyone feel included and comfortable. We don’t expect perfection but what we do expect is people coming out of their shell and having fun.

Q. Can I bring friends?

A. Yes, as many as you want. It is always more fun when you do your fun activities with friends. Make sure you get tickets in advance as we can not sell more then 70 tickets

Q. Is there an obligation to buy anything or sign up for anything?

A. No. The Party is an independent event and there is no fine print. No terms and conditions.

Q.Anything else I should know? A. No smoking allowed inside the studio. In order to maintain safe and clean environment for you, only indoor shoes are allowed on hardwood floors. Make sure you change your shoes/boots in waiting area.

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