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OZD – Obsessive Zumba® Disorder

So, we are officially noticing that a large population of people are displaying certain symptoms that can be grouped into obsessive disorder and is related to Zumba®!

Here is the list of warning sighs that you may be suffering from the OZD condition:

  • A sudden urge to dance: you are relaxing peacefully in your living room when it suddenly occurs to you that there is a Zumba® class near you. You rush to the class despite of being tired. Despite the fact that you got up at 5am this morning. Despite your house being in a complete mess.
  • A sudden obsession with Zumba® classes: for a long time your loved ones kept telling you how good it would be if you joined the local gym and found yourself a fun fitness class. However, you always had a reason why you could not do it. Nothing held your attention, really. All of the sudden, nobody can kick you out of the gym. You show up there despite heavy traffic or bad weather. You’ve already established your ‘front row diva’ spot. Your Zumba® schedule is completely non-negotiable.
  • A sudden improvement in your mood: just yesterday you were upset with your husband/significant other about the groceries. You were unhappy with your kids for not doing the homework. Or your friends for not calling often enough. However, after attending a Zumba® class none of this matter anymore. You feel as if you took a happy pill.
  • You dance like nobody is watching in places where people ARE watching. The shoulder shimmy you did in your car yesterday, the dance in the public washroom, and a single-single-double in front of the grocery store.
  • Change in dressing patters: you got hold of Zumbawear™ to wear in zumba® classes. Suddenly, you conclude that you should wear leggings, hip scarves, or cargos with tassels every day and everywhere: shopping, camping, picking kids up from school, etc. And it does not occur to you that you look a bit different.
  • Physical changes: you and everyone else notice that you look different. Firmer and more toned. You gained a special kind of ‘respect’ from people. They confess to you your body amuses them but also scares them.
  • Impulsivity and anger management issues: you just informed your friend that you are busy heading off to Zumba® class. He/she asks you “What is Zumba®?” Now you feel the urge to punch him/her in the face. You ask yourself how did you come about to socialize with such yahoos?
  • Change in music listening pattern: your music listening patterns became Zumba® focused. You listen to  each song thinking if it can be played in a Zumba® class? How would choreography look? How quickly you can let your instructor know?
  • Change in family and social relations: your friends and loved ones claim that you changed. Frustrated, you try to explain that THIS is actually REAL you. The person they knew previously was NOT real you.
  • Visual disturbances: wherever you look, you start thinking if Zumba® logo would fit nicely on it.
  • Change in language learning pattern: previously, you did not consider yourself as the most talented individual for learning languages. Somehow, now you can speak Spanish. Or even sing it.
  • Sense of dance mastery: although you were not formally educated in dance. Now you can totally dance over 10 rhythms! Even Bollywood, Bachata, Flamenco or others, don’t seen foreign to you. In addition, you look at your instructor and almost feel you can choreograph it better then her!
  • Change in social behaviour: you were somewhat quiet if not even introverted. You were cautious about who you friend on your social media. All of the sudden, your Facebook friend list exploded. Your phone rings a lot more and your previous data plan does not do it for you anymore. You are friends with people you never met in your life. You are much more willing to visit other Zumba® classes and special events. The though of ‘not being comfortable in a new environment’ does not occur to you anymore.
  • Multiple personalities; you are listening a Beyonce track – and you become HER! Same happens with Shakira…J LO….and who knows, maybe many many more?

The aftermath effect: you are CONVINCED that Zumba® did wonders for you physically, emotionally and socially. It made you regain a new perspective on life. It helped you make sense from what previously looked like non-sense. It made you not feel alone or lonely. Made you feel that you ‘fit in’ and are beautiful just the way you are.

So, is there a cure?

Not really. We think that OZD is a good condition to have. However we do have a solution: BECOME A ZUMBA® INSTRUCTOR!! Most of them have OZD just like you!!!

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