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Are You Looking to Hire Zumba® Instructor in Toronto?

There is no question that adding Zumba classes at your facility is a great way to diversify the services offered and increase satisfaction of your clients.  However, hiring Zumba Instructors can sometimes be a very long and time consuming process. There are several ways you can contact Zumba Instructors for hiring:

1. Go to the Zumba Instructor Facebook page and make a post along with the private message to us. We will re-post your request there

2. You can contact us and we can post a job for you (no charge) as we have the capability to contact a large group of Toronto Instructors with only one click

3. Consider coming to one of our Zumba Parties in Toronto. Our next party is scheduled for September 24th 2011. We bring very skilled instructors to teach and there are also many instructors who will come to attend, assist or dance on the stage with us at the event. You can see them there in action: teaching, performing and interacting with participants. That is the easiest way to approach them with your opportunity. Feel free to contact us for more information. We will respond to all your questions within 24 hours.

Thank you.

Zumba Classes in Toronto team

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