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Heading to Zumba® Convention? Wondering What to Expect? And Pack?

You’ve decided to go to the convention? CONGRATULATIONS!

You will experience exhilarating energy and pleasure seeing how many people all over the world share same passion as you. You will experience the feeling of unity when witnessing that we all essentially speak the same language no matter which country we come from. Religion, skin color, sexual orientation and similar, does not matter in Zumbaland.  All that matters is YOU being YOU while allowing yourself to experience uniqueness of others.

Things to consider:

*** There will be a LOT of instructors in attendance. REALLY A LOT! Hence, anticipate lineups for workshops, buying food, washrooms, and ESPECIALLY for buying Zumbawear, as well as lineups for everything else.

***You will feel tired and have body aches at the end of the day.You may not feel it while dancing and moving around however when you get to your room in the evening and try to go to sleep…let me tell ya….you’ll be glad to have any muscle tension relief products.

***Most of the workshops areas are carpeted which can be hard on your joints. Consider this when buying footwear. Some instructors wear ‘slip-on-dancers’, knee braces etc. Think about what could work for you.

***Start saving $$$ early on because it will be tempting to spend a lot.

***You will meet a lot of people. Plan ahead how to connect and stay in touch if that is your goal.

***You may feel COLD indoors, while outdoors it will be HOT and humid. It is August in Florida after all!

***You will learn how to party!

Here are THINGS TO CONSIDER BRINGING but please plan ahead as this list may not contain everything you need:

DOCUMENTS: Passport, visas, photo ID, drivers license, MEDICAL INSURANCE, travel documents and proof of reservations, emergency phone numbers, tickets for events, credit cards etc.

SAFETY FIRST: Bring prescription medications if you are taking any. If having a chronic medical condition ensure to have medical alert bracelet on. Always communicate with someone WHERE exactly you will be for the day, WHO are you with and plan who to get in touch with in case of emergency (apart from 911 of course). It is advisable to inform your friends/roomates if having health concerns that can potentially require intervention. Pay special consideration if you have allergies or respiratory problems. Pack a small first aid kit and blister relief items:-) Travel size hand disinfectant. 

COMFORT ITEMS: Pain relief medications, hot/cold compresses, muscle tension relief items/baths (such as Epsom salt, peppermint essential oil which works great) or anything else you typically use. Travel pillow/blanket.

LOOKING GOOD ITEMS: Since there will be a lot of pictures taken – you might as well look great, right? Pack your favorite outfits (different one for each day), hair accessories, makeup, costume for themed party.

ESSENTIALS: Personal hygiene items (toothbrush/paste/floss), light DEODORANT, feminine hygiene products, travel size shower/hair care items, lip balm, face.body moisturizers, wet wipes.

ACCESSORIES: Lightweight makeup bag with travel size items to keep things organized (Shoppers Drug Mart has a good choice), back-pack works better as opposed to tote bag when packing for a day, LABELS for items prone to be lost or misplaced, gym towels, BIG SCARF (saved my life last time I went!!), FLAT TRAVEL MONEY BELT with important documents and $$ to always keep with you without making you look ‘bulky’. Water bottle. Light tote bag for shopping. Trash/laundry bag. Safety pins. Ziplock bags. Any bag that can be claimed as a ‘hand luggage’ to avoid extra fees after you realize you got waaaayyyyyy too much Zumbawear!!!!

STINK CONTROL: Well, we mentioned deodorants. Breath mints and gum. Parfums should be avoided due to sensitivities some people may have.  You don’t want to be a reason why someone fainted! But here is a good one: let’s say you share a room with your friendZ, and you go to washroom to have a ‘number 2’ thinking “oh no….I hope nobody walks in this washroom anytime soon”.  Here is a GREAT product to save you embarrassment and allow your roommates to use bathroom immediately after you!! It is called POO POURRI – a product you spray in toilet and no matter what you do in there, nobody will know!!

FOOD and SNACKS: Prepare energy food for on-the-go. Energy bars? Protein shakes? Dry fruit/nuts? Be careful with nuts in case someone in your surrounding has an allergy. Energy drinks? Careful with those as well if you have any problems with your heart. Sandwiches? Fresh fruit? Just make sure not to bring food that smells. Breath mints and gum.

Frequent snacks are good to avoid stomach aches and bloating while standing all day and working out. Avoid eating food you are not used to. Food can also be purchased on premises however there are lineups!

TECHNOLOGY: Cell phone (make sure you empty memory first so you can save pics record your 1001 clips:-), chargers, PORTABLE CHARGER (if you don’t have one, get one), comfortable headphones of you wish some quiet time during travel or after), laptop, camera with extra batteries and extra memory card.

NETWORKING: Business cards? Take a pic of the ZIN badge (ask first) of people you meet so you can stay in touch? Gather phone numbers and emails? Find them on social media? Avoid promotional intent but rather aim to connect and exchange ideas.




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