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Are You Ruining Your Zumba® Class Experience?

How is that possible to do, one will ask.

Well….there are many ways that participants unintentionally prevent themselves from enjoying or even coming to the Zumba® class.

Here is the most common ways of doing that: The Negative and self-defeating self-talk. The thoughts and words that we say to ourselves that encourage us or discourage us. Example of those are:

  1. “I am not fit enough for the class”.  If that is so, that is a strong reason to do everything possible to get to the class. Not maintaining your optimal fitness level will result in negative consequences to your physical and mental health.
  2. “I am not a good dancer or coordinated enough”.  This is a pure perfectionist-oriented self-imposed expectation. There is no evidence whatsoever that participants are expected to be dancers or coordinated. This kind of thinking assumes that other participants ARE coordinated and good dancers. However often it is not true. The reason why other participants do well in class is because they allow themselves to experience it and enjoy it. Their moves get better and better over-time. All of them follow what they can and improvise as they feel like. It is not healthy to approach yourself with “I am not good enough” attitude and if you do that, it will affect many other areas of quality of your life. Hence, dare to enjoy no matter what!
  3. “I am too fat and I don’t look good”. This is another sentence we sadly, hear often. While it is true that there is always someone who is younger, thinner, has less wrinkles etc… etc…. think about how many millions of other people look just like you? Same gender, age, body proportions? Is it that all of them should stay locked in the house and not join the fun group classes? Do you think of other people as ‘not looking good’? Probably not. In addition, you are the only one who really notices and criticizes your looks. Trust us, other people don’t bother.
  4. “I have a sore joint….or sore…xyz”. This one needs to be taken seriously. Make sure you speak to your doctor about the type of exercise that is best for you. As long as you have ANY participation in fitness classes – it is all good.
  5.  “I am afraid of looking funny or ridiculous”.  This one assumes that you will be judged by others about how you look and dance. You can only know if this will happen if you actually came to class and experienced it. Our instructors focus on creating not only fun atmosphere, but also the one where people feel psychologically safe. They are not interested in any ‘loose-weight-fast’ propaganda or assuming that you have ‘goals’ to loose weight hence that is why you are in class. They are not stereotyping participants on any counts. All they want is to have a fun class that will put a smile on your face.
  6. “I am busy and very stressed”. Yes, it gets hard to create time for additional activity when you have tons of things to do in your day. However, give yourself an opportunity to spend one hour and FORGET about all the things that are currently pressuring you. Your brain needs a break and you can function more efficiently if you rest your mind a bit. Exercise is also a great stress reliever. Try it out:-)
  7. “I don’t know anybody and don’t want to go alone”. Well….if you are waiting to coordinate with others to go out, you will be out of luck most of the time. Zumba® community is highly welcoming, social and excited to meet new friends. You are really never alone in Zumba® class.
  8. “If I miss a class tonight no worries, there are tons of classes available every day”. This is true however – it also means you have a tendency to put things off or even procrastinate. If you think there is always another day….there actually isn’t. You can not turn the clock back to make up the time you missed. As with everything in life, the time is NOW.

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